The Rainbow Hanukiyah


My favorite design ! is  all hand made ,it is  made out of 925 sterling silver  and anodized aluminum.

 Height : 21 cm

 Diam. : 13 cm

 Width: 40 cm

it can be made in 3 sizes  this is the standart size

Design 360° movie – see below ↓

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Hanukah is the festival of lights and colors

This holiday is mostly genial for the children who participate actively in the ceremonies of Hanukah.

Tradition meets a new attitude in this new design –

This oil’s Hanukiyah revives the colors that were usually missing in this kind of Hanukiyah (that works on oil instead of candles).

You can choose different color every day (just like in the candle’s Hanukiyah)

One of the main motives in the design, is the achievement of a perfect balance by using magnet and iron spheres that stabilize each oilcan.

The sentence:

“על הניסים ועל הנפלאות”

Is written on the base of the Hanukiyah

This verse connects between the traditional miracles and wonders to the wonders of the magnetic force.