Folding passover plate


This original passover plate is all hand made out of 925 sterling silver  and anodized aluminum.

Box: 4.1” W X 8.3”L X 2.5” H

 When open 4.1”W X 30.3”L

Design 360° movie – see below ↓


Religious ceremonies are meant to create a lasting link between the past and present

, capturing events at a particular moment in time and thereby etching them into our memory.

In modern times, “memory” is also a function of technology,

 particularly as it relates to computers and the disks which store and retrieve data.

This folding Passover seder plate, acts as the nexus between contemporary memory options

  • (The plates are inspired by the shape of compact disk holder, and were produced using a computer) –
  • and G-d’s mandate that we remember our days of bondage, and our escape to freedom and liberty.
  • The interplay between past and present, records of events and records of knowledge, is keenly reflected in this piece.