Artist statement

Yossi Matityahu (1972), graduated from The Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem,1999.In my design I present an innovative approach towards traditional Jewish objects. 

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My artwork contains dynamic elements, the effect of it is the will to touch or operate the design.

My designs are drawn from the desire to create a meeting point between tradition and the means of modern world.

It is characterized by clean and minimalist lines. For the purpose of my work I use silver, aluminum, titanium and other metals, or materials.

The nature of our modern life is of high speed and ambitiousness, the house in fact becomes a fortress in which we seek to create a calming environment, a haven from every day life.

Therefore furniture and accessories is devoted in creating such an atmosphere. An atmosphere of comfort and ease inside the house, while still pleasant to the eye and hand. The tendency is towards a worm, intimate design.

Never the less, there is an assumption that sees the house as a representative and the creator of our reality. The belief that every item inside the house affects us on an energetic level as much as it does on the aesthetic level.

Tradition is the keystone, the very foundation of progress.

A contemporary design does not eliminate the previous ones, but rather builds another level.

When I come to design Judaica, I picture the educated, updated, Renaissance man who knows his way in contemporary design along with a strong connection to the culture and heritage of our Jewish ancestors.

When such person decorates his household, his “sacred palace”, he wishes it to reflect his personality along with his culture. He no longer sees Judaism as ancient history, but rather as an eminent part of his life, full of substance and meaning.

That is, in my eyes, Judaism which respect and cherish the heritage of the generation before us, which does not destroys the past, however imbibes from it by building another stature of meaning. 

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